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éthos is a Greek word that describes a person’s moral character or the ideals of a community. It’s an idea, a philosophy, a way of living that the ancient Greek societies were built on.
We consider éthos as an integral part of our corporate identity. éthos towards our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers, our products. We apply éthos to everything we do and we are always driven by our passion to provide only the best.

Indulge yourself into the éthos mindset and taste Greek nature’s finest offerings.

Olive tree
Olive tree

The Greek Harvest

Since antiquity, the Greek terra offers a variety of excellent quality products thanks to its unique climate and the rich soil. That is why, Traditional Greek products are significant ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, globally known for its multiple health benefits and of course its great taste!

Euphoric olive groves around the country produce premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and edible olives, both recognized as being among the finest in the world due to their natural attributes and excellent taste.
Greek vineyards, equally famous for their unique grape varieties, grow under the warm summer sun to provide the finest grapes, from which we create our vinegar products.
Fresh vegetables of all kinds and a variety of herbs and spices are also cultivated and are full of taste and nutritional values.

Olive tree

The éthos experts have identified and selected products of the highest quality from around Greece to create our unique éthos series, collaborating only with producers that meet the strictest quality criteria and certifications throughout all steps of production (from harvest to production and then to your table). Always keeping in mind our core philosophy: to combine sustainability, authenticity and top-notch production and packaging methods in order to fulfill the needs of consumers for safe, authentic, high quality, nutritional and delicious products.

Enjoy éthos products and its unique recipes made with the best ingredients from the Greek land!

Plate of olives